Sunday, 27 July 2014

Being Different In India

"Being Different in India"- Some of the Indians might agree to this statement. Why is it so hard to do anything out of league in India? Why the biggest entrepreneurs are not from India? Why is India still a developing country?

The answer to all these questions have a connection, they way we think. I can't say it for sure about every place in India, but definitely where I grew up, no one wanted to do things on their own, think on their own, everyone had just one purpose, follow what has been going on for years now. One cannot definitely blame the kids as they learn what they are preached. I think, the biggest problem lies in the Great Indian Education System. Right from the Childhood, Parents and teachers project them into a competitive life where you must be more interested in what people do, rather than seeing what you do and improve that!!

90% marks is the real thing. If you are not able to score such high marks, and your neighbour has, you are most likely to get cursed by your family members. People in India have an amazing talent of viewing marks as a parameter of intelligence. But it's hardly so, Indian Education system is so fucked up, that you seriously don't need any kind of talent of logical thinking to score good marks, all you have to do is work hard, learn some stuff and write the words as it is in the book and apparently one becomes a genius.

This isn't even the grass root problem in India. Most people take up the job of teaching when they could not get any better jobs to do. This statement applies to almost every teacher right from beginner school to a big university. Teachers here don't even have the logical understanding of the subject of what they are teaching. This explains why rarely students are interested in studies here.

Another major problem with the system is that there are only two occupations- Doctor and Engineer. Students are forced to study these subjects even when it is of no interest to them, and this fact can be proved well by the quantity of engineers passing out every year and quantity of them jobless.

This was the education stuff. If we come across our living style as well, there are lots of stereotypes existing in India. For example, No one would question a drunk man lying on the road, but if a woman starts to smoke, that's pretty bad and disgusting thing to do. People should know what their priorities are, and putting your nose in other's business shouldn't definitely be one of them!!