Thursday, 10 July 2014

A night to remember in Indian Railways.

09 07 2014

My Train was scheduled on 10:40 PM from Durgapur Station in West Bengal. I arrived at the station on 10:25 PM. Contrary to my belief that Indian Rail is always late, this time it was just 10 minutes late, which can be considered as good as being on time here in India. Anyways, I boarded the train. As it was the night time, most of them were already sleeping ,so without making any more noise, I tucked myself in the upper Berth that I had booked in 3 AC compartment. As I am a frequent traveler, I have the habit of putting my luggage inside the seat, so I did that like always, and went comfortably to my seats.

The Train was headed to Patna. The time was 11:00 PM. Everyone was sleeping in our compartment, except a guy who was talking on the phone with someone. I was not feeling sleepy, so I plucked in my earphones and started browsing the Internet. Soon, the Guy talking on the phone started to talk out loud in his funny Bihari tone with combination of some chuckling in between. Everyone thought, this might be for a moment or so, and therefore no one asked him to talk softly.

It was 11:45 PM. Time passed by, but that guy was still no shorts of words. His funny voice had now become irritating and irresistible. At this point, everyone was just looking for the right moment to scold him. After 2 or 3 minutes, a guy sleeping adjacent to him finally did, but it still took him another 3 minutes to end that talk. Anyways, He did stop talking and now it was the time for some random sound coming from the AC or Fan. That was irritating enough but in India, you need to learn to compromise.

Also, according to some new Government rule, there are no more curtains available in 3rd AC compartment. So you can now totally forget about safety and privacy. It was midnight now and i was tired too, so I quietly went to sleep without any more complaints. The Train was scheduled to arrive Patna at 6:30 in the morning. Generally, you cannot expect to get a full night sleep in Indian Railways because of all those noises and weird Indian habits, 

It was 6:30 AM. To my surprise, I couldn't wake up this time from the noises early, the train was 10 minutes late and was going to reach Patna Junction in another 10 minutes. So I got off my seat on the way to Washroom, and boom, my Baggage is gone. I never actually expected that. Someone had already been gone with my baggage full of clothes. Luckily, I did not have any documents or Laptop in that baggage, so it was not a big pain in the a**. But Still, Losing anything hurts especially when you didn't anticipate it. Despite knowing I wouldn't find my baggage ever, I searched for it in the compartment, but with fail. With a Country so big with so much people, I assumed I would never get that back, got off the platform and headed home.

The thief must have got a real treat though. Getting a baggage full of new clothes , one could assume he could have earned tens of thousands of rupees in one day. Thieves generally get curses, but he was the chosen one. The baggage also had the famous "Misti Dahi" from Bengal which is damn delicious. What a royal treat for him!!